Kausani Attractions

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Kausani is well known tourist hill station in bageshwar district of Uttrakhand. Situated at an altitude of 1890 m above the sea level. Famous for it's natural and heart captivating beauty. Kausani is also known by the name of  'Switzerland of India'. This title was given by the Mahatma Gandhi during his kausani visit. Having green hills and offering a mesmerizing look of the Himalayan Peaks such as Nanda Devi, Trishul Parvat, Panchachuli Peak and Pindari glaciour (famous for trekking). It is truly heaven on the earth. Most renowned places such as Rudradhari falls, Museum, Anashakti ashram, Pinnath, and Jagannath temple are here to make visitors happy. Famous for it's tea industry and  exported to other countries like Australia, Germany , U.S. etc. Surrounded by some famous tourist destinations such as  Bagnath temple, Shitla khet, Chaukori, Bageshwar, Didihat, Munsiyari, Lohaghat. Visitors also enjoy hiking and trekking here in Kausani and other than this bird watching and photography is worth things to do here.

1- Pindari Glacier-

The most easily accessible of all glacier is Pindari Glacier is found in upper region of Himalaya and gives rise to Pindar river. It provides a long path trek approx 90 km. and most of the people find comfortable to trek this path maximum in one week.It is located at an altitude of 3300 m.

2- Tea Gardens-

One of the famous tea industry located in Kumaun. The tea produced here is rich in flavor and export quality. It is only place in India where produce organic orthodox tea. Every tourist should must visit here to seen the manufacturing process of this on his Kausani trip.

3- Rudradhari falls-

Rudradhari falls situated in kausani is the prime attraction of the tourists. The big Shiva temple located near this fall. This beautiful fall attract many tourists and it can also be viewed by trekking to Adi kailash in the Kausani.

4- Sumitranandan Pant Museum-

Sumitra nandan pant museum located here. He is the most renowned Hindi poet of India . It is another good sightseeing spot in Kausani specially for literature lovers. It has a gallery which built in the memory of Sumitra nandan pant with the collection of over hundreds of books. A poetry conference is organzed in this museum every year on the birth anniversary of this great poet.

One of the peaceful and quite place situated in Kausani. Mahatma gandhi spent few important days of his life and wrote his famous book Anashakti yog teeka in this ashram. Now a study cum reserch center is opened here it is worth visiting place because of it's historical connection with Gandhi ji.

6- Pinnath-

5 km. trekking path in Kausani and well known for it's temple located upper part of koshi vally at an elevation of 2750 m. Fairs are celebrated here on the month of October.

7- Planet Show-

The perfect view of stars apart from the cloud which can be seen in the Kausani. During clean night visitors can see the amazing view of stars and galaxy and enjoy this movement a lot.

Defiantly Kausani is one of the best tourist destination in Uttrakhand state.Natural and mesmerizing beauty of Kausani attracts many visitors in every year. Many sightseeing and worthy places are here to visit with some mythological stories and having a historical remembrance.Many temples, Ashrams, Museum, are here to seen. India's single organic orthodox industry are also a worthful place to visit here. Best place for photography because of it's looks, visitors can enjoy trekking and hiking here. Ninety km long trek path is here for trekkers. Watching bird is another thing which visitors can enjoy here. For spirituality visitors can visit the Baijnath temple, Someshwar and Bageshwar temple which is nearby Kausani and all are easily accessible by the road. Visitors can buy famous woolen shawls from Kausani which is made by the local villagers. Fresh, unpolluted weather and snowy wind of Kausani is favorable to visit here.Summer time (April to June) and  winter time (October to Jaunuary) is more favorable time to visit. All destination are well connected to the road.It is undoubtedly a inspiring location for nature lovers.

Kausani_Tourism @Adventure in Uttarakhand  with all trekking  and other activity- not a place to be missed while on Uttarakhand Visit  especially September till June. 


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